Business above the red line

By the author of „Read the Signs“ – the bestselling book on strategic sales and persuasive communication that was purchased by over 15,000 people and won the Book of the Year Award in 2017.

Business above the Red Line is а manual for achieving high-level goals in business, based on the author’s broad practical experience. It will help you fulfill your business potential or start a successful business from scratch.

This book will guide you through building and developing your current or future company efficiently and strategically. After reading it, you will be capable of creating a strong business concept and marketing strategy, which will, in turn, make you stand out among your rivals and increase your competitiveness.

Your business will take a new direction of development. You will be able to work extremely effectively with your focus groups. Your current customers will become a source of new ones, and your competitors will become a source of ideas for your own development!


Hello, I’m glad that my new book has captured your interest, and I’m convinced that, since you’re reading those lines, you’ll be enjoying increased sales and greater business success very soon.

The book launch in 2019

What will you get out of the book ``Business above the Red Line``?

There’s no investment better than investing in information, and a good book is the best investment of all because at a trifling price one can get a huge amount of invaluable information.

There is no entrepreneur who has read the book and not reconsidered their business and/or marketing strategy.

The easiest way to create new opportunities for your business is to read this book!

Radoslav receives the Business Consultant of the Year Award in 2019.

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