You choose the type of game – magnetic or not! Both games are of high quality the difference is that in the magnetic version there are 60 magnetic meeples and 35 magnetic cards, and in the non-magnetic version there are 60 wooden meeples and non magnetic elements.

A strategic business board game that will captivate you with its dynamics.

Let us show you the entrepreneurial magic.

The world’s first magnetic strategy business game that will captivate you with its dynamics and variety of strategic opportunities.

When you start doing business in a competitive environment, emotions overwhelm you. Your thought sharpens and you do not stop thinking about how to be before everyone, how to keep a positive financial result. You begin to see the risk in every decision you make, but without taking the risk, you have no chance of winning. The strategy board game “You Lead” gives you the opportunity to try different business strategies while having fun. Even if you think it’s just a game, you’ll see that you want to win, and we guarantee that it’s not easy at all. In addition, each time you will need a different strategy since most of the sectors in the game are dynamic and not fixed on the game board.

Challenge yourself! Can you be a better businessman than your competitors in the red ocean?

The following skills are affected:

✅ Personnel management

✅ Strategic planning

✅ Business management

✅ Business intuition

✅ Working with cash flows

✅ Franchise business

✅ Negotiations

✅ Finance

Develop your business intuition because it will come in handy. The competition will always be breathing down your neck, so be on your guard, and don’t forget: YOU LEAD!


Monopoly vs You Lead

Who doesn’t know the game Monopoly, which started its sales back in 1935? It is quite normal for every fan…

Strong emotion coupled with great dynamics

The game is characterized by dynamic gameplay due to a large number of elements and dynamic sectors that affect you in different ways depending on your business strategy. And last but not least, it is an extremely fun game that will improve your business thinking, marketing skills, and entrepreneurial intuition.

Employees of different skill levels

Your employees’ training or the number of people you hire is also up to you, but not only because you are well aware that competent experts are rare and not readily available.

Magnetic board with dynamic sectors

The game allows for participants to employ different strategies every time, which makes it unique because no two plays can be identical. You decide whether to start a business franchise or perhaps a service business.

A balanced game in which a lot of luck with a weak strategy will not turn you into a winner.


Sell or buy a business franchise: come up with your own winning strategy

The game allows participants to apply a different strategy each time, which makes it unique because it can never be played the same way. You decide whether to do business in a franchise or why not in the field of services.

Buy and sell businesses, hire and lay off employees. Partner and/or compete. Each of your decisions affects the development of the game. Emotion is always guaranteed, and victory depends on you.

How will you deal with management and finance?

From the moment you roll the dice for the first time, you start making strategic decisions. In this game you are not an investor, but an entrepreneur. You need a complex managerial mindset to win.

What do others say about the game?

It took me and my team more than three years to design the game and finally be happy with the results. It has gone a long way of improvement and optimization until we reached a variation that evoked a vast complexity of emotions in the players.

Briefly about the author

Radoslav Blagoev is a highly efficient business consultant and mentor. His talent for training and motivating people is beyond compare, as is his love for the job.

He has organized hundreds of seminars and corporate training and holds daily consulting sessions for businesses in various spheres. Radoslav concentrates on developing contemporary, working business strategies based on his profound knowledge of the principles of consumer behavior and of various customer profiles.

His business philosophy is rooted in the study of consumer psychology and the target approach to integrated marketing communication.

Besides creating the game YOU LEAD, Radoslav also wrote:

  • Bulgarian bestseller “Read the Signs“, which won the Book of the Year Award in 2017.
  • Business above the Red Line“, which helped thousands of companies to improve their business
    and marketing strategies.
  • YOU LEAD” – Radoslav’s latest book, which comes out in early 2021. A must-read for every