3 business books that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs improve their business

If you’d like to improve the overall state of your present or future business, you’d better read these three books.

In case you’re looking to perfect your sales skills alone, spare some time for „Read the Signs”, a book devoted to strategic sales and persuasive communication that sold over 15,000 copies and was given the Book of the Year Award in the Business Category in 2017. A favorite book of salespersons, who consider it a manual on successful sales. A book you’ll read in one go, but rarely only once!

„Business above the red line“ – fulfill your business potential or start a successful business from scratch. This book will guide you through building and growing your present or future company in an extremely effective and strategic way. Upon finishing it, you’ll be able to create both a powerful business concept and a strong marketing strategy that will differentiate you from your rivals and improve your competitiveness without the need to resort to bargain prices. You’ll also learn how to determine the correct prices of your products or services, estimate your business capacity and skillfully manage your target audience.

„YOU LEAD“ – your business and success are the projection of your thinking. This is a book for entrepreneurs! Using numerous examples, the author demonstrates that success and results are the projection of different business owners’ and managers’ thinking. He also lists the most common problems, mistakes, and oversights in their business activities and behavior. „YOU LEAD“ has a strong emotional impact and manages to inspire entrepreneurs. It helps shift their perspective, which leads to a quick change in their business results. It’s the author’s newest book, coming out at the beginning of 2021.


Radoslav receives the award for a business consultant of the year in 2019.


Hello, I am glad that my business books have attracted your interest, and I am sure that if you read these lines, you will inevitably soon enjoy more sales and a more successful business. Thank you for your trust.

“Read the Signs” became the book of the year in the business literature category in 2017!

Your hearths

Read the Signs

Strategic sales and persuasive communication.

Business above the red line

Realize the potential of your business or start profitable from the beginning.


Your business and success are a projection of your thinking.