Your brand will receive high publicity and will provoke positive emotions

Everyone knows that the best advertising is word of mouth but unfortunately, a satisfied customer spreads the rumor about the brand much less than a dissatisfied one. All this is due to the emotional state. When a business causes a strong emotionality in a person, then he is much more likely to talk about the business and spread the word about it.

How many marketing tools give the brand publicity and high emotional commitment to the customer? Yes, definitely very little and usually at an extremely high price.

Now the good news! Your business can be part of the game and the most desired business in it!

Guided by the idea of touching people with the magic of entrepreneurship, I created the business game “YOU LEAD”, and to maximize the user experience, my team and I made it the world’s first magnetic business game that brings teams together, teaches people to negotiate, develops their business intuition and gives them the opportunity to experiment, win and lose in a virtual environment. The game is very close to real life, and in the future, there will be an extension that will be able to add more complexity.

Let people talk about your business while having fun!

The only real business in the whole game, which guarantees high emotional commitment of the players with your brand. And if such opportunities cost businesses hundreds of thousands and even millions, then we provide the opportunity for branding at an incredibly affordable price. In addition, the minimum number of games you need to purchase to get branding and position your business on You Lead is only 10! And that’s not all. You will receive the game not at an inflated price due to branding, but at a preferential price and with free branding. It only remains to decide whether you want to give your customers and partners the magnetic business game or not the magnetic one, which is the same game, but without magnets and respectively at a lower price.