Read the Signs

By the author of the professional training course The Art of Selling, attended by 10,000 people in Bulgaria. “Read the Signs” became the favorite book of both salespersons and entrepreneurs. Many said they couldn’t put it down until they read it all.

A book you read in one sitting, containing the priceless experience of its author, Radoslav Blagoev – a professional business consultant who received the Business Consultant of the Year Award in 2019. “Read the Signs” also won an award: the Book of the Year Award in the business category, 2017.

“Read the Signs” is an invaluable tool for achieving high goals in business, marketing, sales. The book is based on the author’s vast practical experience, purposeful research, and analysis. It will help you develop excellent trading strategies and realize results that you considered unattainable. The book will turn your ideas about effective sales and persuasive communication.


Hello, I’m glad that my new book has captured your interest, and I’m convinced that, since you’re reading those lines, you’ll be enjoying increased sales and greater business success very soon.


The book launch in 2017

What will you get out of the book ``Read the Signs``?

This book will make you better at communication, will teach you how to sell easily and fast, leaving your customers more satisfied than ever. A unique combination of business and fiction that will guide you along a lovely way paved by the author himself. A way that leads to serious boosts in sales and the acquiring of new sales skills.

In 2017, Read the Signs became Book of the Year in the business literature category!